Welcome to PREPARE – Partnership for Rural Europe

PREPARE Gathering 2010 in Macedonia

PREPARE position on CAP post 2013

ARC Process on CAP Reform           

The Agricultural and Rural Convention (ARC) process aims to give civil society a strong voice and to prepare a powerful common message for a new European agricultural and rural policy. The ARC complements and enhances the “Your Ideas Matter” initiative launched by the European Commission on 12 April 2010.

The ARC is an innovative, transparent process, open to all those interested in or engaged for a reform of the CAP. Debate is facilitated by an impartial co-ordinating team.  The ARC aims to gather a wide diversity of visions for the future of rural areas. Regional and thematic working groups on this site will construct a common position paper which will be delivered to the European institutions.

For further information visit ARC homepage: www.arc2020.eu/ 

PREPARE at SURE Conference in Krakow

Swedish Rural Parliament 2010

PREPARE made significant contribution at Swedish Rural Parliament in Sunne, May 2010

PREPARE is a Partnership, a Programme and a Network

Partnership. The PREPARE partnership is a group of European and national non-government organizations. The partnership was created in 1999, and has expanded as new national rural movements have joined. The current partners are :
  • Forum Synergies, transnational network for sustainable development
  • ECOVAST, the European Council for the Village and Small Town
  • Croatian Rural Development Network
  • Czech National Rural Observatory
  • Kodukant, the Estonian Movement of Villages
  • Finnish Village Action Association.
  • Hungarian Rural Parliament
  • Latvian Rural Forum
  • Lithuanian Rural Communities Union
  • Polish Forum on the Animation of Rural Areas (Polish Rural Forum)
  • Slovakian Rural Parliament
  • Slovenian Rural Development Network
  • Swedish Popular Movements Council
For more information about the partner organisations, see PREPARE Partners.

Programme. The main activity of the partners is to run the PREPARE programme. The aim of this programme is to strengthen civil society and to promote multi-national exchange in rural development, with a main focus on the new EU member states of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as accession countries and the "new neighbours" of the enlarged EU.

Network. The aim of the PREPARE Network is to promote multi-national exchange between those who are involved (as individuals or organisations) in rural development anywhere in
Europe. It is an open network of individuals, multi-polar in nature, controlled by its membership, flexible in operation. For the time being, there is no subscription, unless the members later decide that there should be. The main medium of the Network is this Website. 

The PREPARE activities suport Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.